AMP Insights is a consulting firm working with clients on some of the most vexing water and natural resources management issues in unique, creative, and energizing ways.

Our Vision

Insight comes from inquiry, humility, collaboration and dedication to questioning what we know. We embrace the notion that no problem can be solved using the same thinking that created it. That's why we work with a diverse array of clients to find new insights to help address some of our world's toughest natural resource challenges. Our work is focused on the rivers and waters that sustain life in all its forms and the landscapes and communities that shape and are shaped by water and nature. Whether they are corporations, non-profits, foundations, state or federal agencies, local governments, or individuals, we are lucky to work with clients who share our vision that innovation and the search for true insights are the way forward.      


Our Approach

The complex and shared nature of water and natural resources demands an interdisciplinary approach. We embrace this complexity and work with our clients to navigate toward their goals using our combined expertise in economics, law and policy, ecology, hydrology, organizational strategy, modeling, data analysis and communication. And we love to get our feet wet too – moving fluidly from weaving together ideas at the 30,000-foot level to robust modeling and analysis, to working with the intricacies of projects on the ground. 


We apply an economic lens to a range of issues to help identify and value new solutions, create financially sustainable plans and incentivize healthy outcomes for both the environment and communities.

Hydrology and Ecology

The physical and natural world inform the range of workable solutions. Understanding and illuminating the complex interactions of the land, water, flora, and fauna expands the realm of possibilities and is an essential element of our work.

Modeling and Data Analysis

We work to distill large, complex, and intricate data sets into manageable and practical models and analyses that our clients can use to meet their goals.   

Law and Policy

We look with a critical eye at water and natural resource law and policy to help our clients assess the rules of the game and create new institutions, policies, and agreements to meet their goals.

Organizational Strategy

Dedication to innovation, collaboration, partnerships, and trust are critical hallmarks of successful organizations and campaigns in the natural resources and water fields. We assist clients in developing and applying these and other important organizational characteristics. 


Though our clients are comfortable speaking in technical terms about their work, their constituents, partners, and stakeholders are often not. We use our writing, speaking, and design expertise to help clients communicate complex ideas and analyses to any audience. 


Above all else, we look for opportunities to forge new paths. By combining our broad range of expertise with our clients' knowledge and capacity, we find creative ways to solve seemingly intractable problems.