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AMP Insights is a small consulting firm located in Portland and Bend, Oregon, Seattle, Washington and Tucson, Arizona. Bruce Aylward, Amy McCoy and Davíd Pilz (the A, M, and P in AMP) started the firm in 2016. AMP Insights arose with the goal of creating a business to support clients in unique, creative, and energizing ways.  We believe that possibilities, ideas, and solutions arise from dynamic collaborations and are committed to working together as a team within the firm and actively partnering as a firm with our clients. 


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Bruce Aylward

Managing Director

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A 30-year career in extension, policy, research and transactional work that includes experience in dozens of countries and a dozen western states has given Bruce a unique window on a host of resource, development and environmental issues.  When crossing an international border Bruce puts “economist” on his entry form.  But he is a student of natural and social sciences (Human Biology at Stanford) with masters and doctorate studies in economics, law,and politics (at the Fletcher School). So Bruce hews to no discipline but brings to client engagements a well-tested interdisciplinary framework for understanding interactions between nature, water and communities.

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Amy McCoy


A small piece of paper has traveled with Amy from her childhood home at the base of the Rocky Mountains, across the U.S. and abroad, to the edge of her computer screen in Tucson, Arizona that reads: “To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield” – Alfred Lord Tennyson. The seeds of a life focused on water and the environment were sown at Yale University as an undergraduate. Striving first for a career on the water as a rower in the US Air Force World Class Athlete Program, Amy then transitioned to a life seeking water in the Sonoran Desert on the U.S./Mexico border. With masters and doctorate degrees in ecological research and policy, Amy has a passion for exploration and discovery. She is committed to addressing vexing water challenges through the lens of science, policy, and data analysis and design.

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Davíd Pilz


Davíd's first experiences with water management came at the age of five and involved a shovel, a tarp, an earthen irrigation ditch, and a couple hundred acres of hay that needed water. Growing up in the high desert of Albuquerque, New Mexico and the remote beauty of northwestern Colorado, and steadily moving north and west to his current home in Bend, Oregon, Davíd has been immersed in water issues throughout his life and career. After graduating from the Colorado College and Lewis and Clark Law School, David worked for ten years at the Oregon Water Trust and The Freshwater Trust, the nation's first water trust. Today, he works with clients across the West and beyond, with a focus on water transaction and water market program strategy and design, and also legal and policy analysis of all things water.  

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Amanda Cronin


Amanda, was born in Forks, Washington, a town that averages ten feet of rainfall per year. After graduating from Whitman College with a BA in Biology- Environmental Studies in Walla Walla, Washington, Amanda spent two years as the Watershed Program Coordinator for a conservation group in Idaho. She then made her way to Arizona, for a Masters in Environmental Science and Policy from Northern Arizona University. Returning to the Pacific Northwest, she spent eleven years with the Washington Water Trust, developing innovative solutions to seemingly intractable water management problems. Over the last decade, Amanda has helped lead the development of water banks across Washington and in Arizona. Amanda works across the west providing strategic guidance for water resource planning, environmental flow restoration and groundwater mitigation. Amanda lives in Seattle, WA.

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Rachel O'Connor

Research associate


Rachel recently completed her Master in Environmental Science and Management degree at the Bren School of UC Santa Barbara where she was a Sustainable Water Markets Fellow. Her master’s thesis investigated the feasibility of implementing a groundwater mitigation bank in southwestern Montana. During and after her tenure at the Bren School, Rachel worked with the freshwater team at the Texas Chapter of The Nature Conservancy on researching and identifying candidate water rights for environmental flow transaction programs. Her experience in the water resources sector also includes water conservation in southern California and field hydrology in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. Rachel has a BA in Geography from the State University of New York at Geneseo, and she resides in Portland, Oregon.

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